What is Micro-Licensing?

Simply defined, micro-licensing is an online method of connecting owners of music to owners of video in order to provide permission, instantly, with the right to synchronize that music to the audio-visual work. The rights granted are usually limited, are usually direct to user, and are usually affordable, even for an amateur.

Are You Asking Yourself, “How Do I Do This?”

No problem. It’s actually quite simple and very affordable. Here’s an easy step-by-step:

  1. Click here to BECOME A USER.
  2. Then SEARCH for your music by genre, or length, keyword, or title, or just stream until you find something that fits just right.
  3. Add the music to your shopping cart.
  4. Select the license option that most closely reflects how you’re using the music in your video and where your video will end up being seen and be sure to read that license.
  5. Pay for your selection(s).
  6. Download it and synch away!
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